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Our Mission:




Compassionately creating change in an ever-changing, ever-challenging world.

Compassion is the bond that unites all of humanity.

Our Mission

Compassion 4 Change creates public outreach books to support and empower the emotional needs of an ever-changing, ever challenging society. By compassionetly creating change from within, we are empowered to change our outside set of circumstances, allowing us to live to our highest potential.

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Our Newest Edition 4 Teens

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Written by: Dana Smith-Riley | Art and Design by: Dawn Ehrke

Written by: Dana Smith-Riley | Art and Design by: Dawn Ehrke


Stuff Teens Need to Know Volume I

A Cool Life Volume I…

Created for teens to help them navigate through the ever-changing, ever-challenging world in which they exist in today. Loaded with practical tools, tips and imagery to better understand and process the complex emotions they experience, as well as calls to take action to ignite their highest potential.


Our Impact Is Multi-Layered

Our first edition of the Compassion 4 Change book was released in June of 2018. We joined forces with high school students in Spring, TX to create a compassion filled, empowering edition for school age children in Foster Care. The book reached children across the United States through collaborative efforts of various organizations and proved that empowering students and communities to spread compassion and hope to others in turn provided them with a greater awareness of the needs of others and the profound impact they can have to compassionetly take action.


Impact on Recipients and Organizations

Collaborating with nationwide organizations who work directly with the specific focus of our editions allows us to gain knowledge and a better insight to the emotional needs of the recipient of the book. When organizations work together we are all able to better serve the needs of our communities and the individuals we advocate for. Offering a book of kindness and empowering the recipient to know they matter to the world has the ability to shift the way they view and move forward with their current set of circumstances.

Impacting Our Youth

By collaborating with high school and college students to participate in the books creation and distribution, students gain the ability to reach out beyond themselves and recognize the needs of others before their own. By providing them the tools to be of service, they gain the wisdom of knowing we are all connected, what affects one affects us all, making for a more conscious, compassionate existence.

Impacting A Global Community

C4C Books offer a global call to action to caring, compassionate individuals who would like to offer a personal note of encouragement and/or an original doodle or line art to be included in editions of the books. We receive countless submissions from caring people all over the globe to participate in compassionetly connecting and creating change for others. Our foster care edition even included an encouraging note from adoptive father; Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.


Get Involved

Compassion 4 Change (C4C) offers many opportunities for students, clubs, groups, corporations, communities, nonprofits, and individuals who would like to help offer hope and compassionetly create change for members of an ever-changing, ever-challenging society by participating in one of our outreach programs. No matter what level of time, experience and commitment you choose to be of service, know that every action is valued and matters.


Sign Up For a Program

Compassion 4 Change offers several outreach programs for students, clubs, groups, corporations, schools, communities and nonprofits to get involved and make an impact.

Volunteer opportunities

Whether it be by contributing art work, a love note, packaging, distribution or helping to spread the word, we value your service in advancing the C4C values and mission.


Every purchase helps C4C continue to create, print, package and distribute C4C Outreach Books to those in need. Thank you for sharing your compassion and creating change in the world.