C4C Public Outreach Activity Books


Elevate. Envision. Empower

Each C4C outreach edition provides the powerful combinations of mindfulness techniques, various methods of psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology as well as art therapy to aid in complete mind, body and spirit wellness. This well-rounded approach allows the receipiant to gain the personal insights to elevate their current perspective, envision a new outlook while empowering them to build a brighter future and reach their highest potential.



C4C Global Outreach Books allows all members of society to contribute to the creation of the various editions of our books, therefore extending compassion. This selfless act costs nothing but gains tremendous rewards.



As society becomes more detached and emotionally disconnected, receipiant’s of the outreach books receive compassion, therefore providing a sense of connection, love and kindness. You are not alone, and you matter.


Our Newest Edition Now Available for Teens

A Cool Life!


Our Newest Edition

A Cool Life - Stuff Teens Need to Know Volume I

Created for teens to help them navigate through the ever-changing, ever-challenging world in which they exist in today. Loaded with practical tools, tips and interactive imagery to better understand and process the complex emotions they experience, as well as calls to take action to ignite their highest potential.

Written by: Dana Smith-Riley | Art and Design by: Dawn Ehrke