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A Cool Life!

Stuff Teens Need To Know Volume I

Igniting Potential for Teens

Written by: Dana Smith-Riley | Art and Design by: Dawn Ehrke

Written by: Dana Smith-Riley | Art and Design by: Dawn Ehrke

We recognize the importance of supporting and encouraging the emotional needs of teens to process and regulate the intense emotions they encounter in today’s ever-changing, ever challenging world. While the fundamental needs of teens differ from person to person, spanning different cultures, different economic backgrounds, different systems of belief, the common thread that weaves us all together is the need to positively connect with ourselves and with others from our highest potential. It is the core belief that not only do I belong in this world but I matter to the world.


The Needs

Never before has our youth been directly exposed to the extreme challenges facing our world today. Studies reveal teens have an unprecedented increase in social pressure, a lack of positive connections despite social media, poor body image, lack of sleep, increased drug use, including prescription drugs, fear of acts of terror and violence and a lowered ability to experience empathy towards others. With the alarming rise of teens experiencing depression and anxiety with suicide being the 2nd leading cause of death amongst teens the urgency to offer solutions and proper tools to cope and process the intense emotions they experience has become our focus of our current edition of the C4C Outreach Books.

Our Focus

The newest edition of the C4C Outreach Book; A Cool Life, Stuff Teens Need To Know, addresses the challenges that teens are currently facing in life and is intended for teens everywhere, not just those seemingly “at risk” as we believe all teens are at risk of experiencing emotional hardships at some point in their development. Providing the tools they need to not only process and regulate the intense emotions and situations they experience but also to empower them to truly  move forward with confidence by igniting their highest potential.




With the insight of fellow teenagers; both male and female, this edition; A Cool Life; Stuff Teens Need To Know, speaks in a language that teens can relate to and in a visual format that is engaging and bold. The book will address many different areas of concerns this generation is facing and tackles the tough questions head on including:

Tolerance towards others/Empathy

Positive Connections

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Trauma

Personal Empowerment



Compassion and Self-Compassion

Goal Setting and Life Skills (Job Hunting, Interview Tips)

Money Management (Budgeting, Money Management)

Resource Guides to Find Additional Outreach Help

We don’t always have the ability to change the set of circumstances every teen will face but providing them with a safe, very personal space to learn, grow and better connect allows them to regulate and process this thing we call life and live to their highest potential. That’s A COOL LIFE!


A Cool Life! Stuff teens Need To Know Volume I

Igniting Potential for Teens

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