Our 1st Edition-

Colors 4 Compassion

C4C EDU Project with Klein Oak High School and the International baccalaureate program

Our first edition of Compassion 4 Change book was released in June of 2018 when we joined forces with high school students in Spring, TX to create a compassion filled, empowering edition for school age children in Foster Care. The book reached children across the United States through collaborative efforts of various organizations and proved that empowering students and communities to spread compassion and hope to others in turn provided them with a greater awareness of the needs of others and the profound impact they can have. .

Utilizing the C4C EDU Project model the students worked directly with C4C staff, local Foster Care organization, Love Fosters Hope, along with professional counselor, Dr. Kate Walker, PHD to fully understand the scope of the project and gain the ability to take action. The students participated in every aspect of the books development from needs assessments, interviewing child/foster care professionals along with former foster children , content creation, collecting art and note submissions, design and print layout, fundraising for the books to be printed, packaging and distribution to organizations that directly serve the needs of children in the system. The students also created and edited a documentary to record their project and raise awareness for the continual needs of children in the foster care system.

The nine month long service project proved to be a multi-layered successful way for the high school seniors to not only raise awareness for children in the foster care system but also to provide a firm call to action. The fundraising efforts of the students rewarded them with the highest ever donations and sponsorships in the history of the groups projects allowing them to gift over 500 C4C books to children across the US.


C4C EDU Project


C4C partners with Klein Oak- International Baccalaureate to create C4C Book for children in Foster Care