Want to be part of the C4C Mission?


Compassion 4 Change (C4C) offers many opportunities for students, clubs, groups, corporations, nonprofits, and individuals who would like to help offer hope and compassionately create change for members of an ever-changing, ever-challenging society by participating in one of our outreach programs. No matter what level of time, experience and commitment you choose to be of service, know that every action is valued and matters. The act of compassion Unites society and Ignites the human potential.

Compassion is the bond that unites all of humanity.

C4C Global Outreach Project

Compassion 4 Change offers the Global Outreach Project to fulfill the needs of service projects for schools and clubs. Students participate in taking action by raising awareness for the social focus of a C4C book edition as well as cause marketing, fundraising and distribution of C4C Books they raise money to gift to others. Participants gain the power of knowing they are being of service by compassionetly taking action to help others.

who This is for

High School Students, College Students,

Clubs/Organizations/Corporate and Community

Outreach Programs

Time Commitment

3-6 Months


C4C- EdU Service Project

Our Educational Service Project goes further in depth into being of service by creation of a special edition of a C4C book. Group participants get the ability to choose the social cause they would like to fill a need in, market the cause, collaborate on content creation of the special edition, participate in community outreach efforts of note and art submissions, fundraise to have their branded edition printed and distribution by gifting the book to those that will benefit.

Who This is For

High School Students, College Students
Clubs/Organization / Corporate and Community

Outreach Programs

Time Commitment

6-9 Months


C4C Compassionate Community

Would your foundation, church group, organization, school, neighborhood or corporation like to sponsor an edition of C4C books and purchase in bulk to gift C4C books directly to a group or organization of your choosing? We can help you spread your compassion filled impact further.

Who This is For

Foundations/ Church Groups/Family Members/ Organizations/Corporate/School/ Community Outreach

Time Commitment

Immediate Impact


Want To Help Ignite a Teens Potential? Send them our current edition; A Cool Life, Stuff Teens Need to Know Vol I

Unite your organization or community by forming a service project to bring our newest C4C edition to teens everywhere. Contact us to discuss becoming a C4C Compassionate Community participant.


C4C Note and Art Submissions

Love to doodle, draw or offer an encouraging word? You can submit online your black and white doodles, line art and/or compassion filled message or quote to be featured in one of our C4C editions. The great news; Acts of kindness do not require any previous experience or major time commitment, and you don’t have to be a professional artist or writer either! This type of community participation allows the recipient the ability to know even on their darkest days, that there are people in the world rooting for them and they matter. You are not alone!

Who This is for

All doodlers, artists and kind, compassionate people

(no experience required)

Time Commitment

As much or as little as you’d like


C4C Supply Drive

Each C4C Book distributed in bulk for service projects comes in a protective bag and includes a box of colored pencils, and a sharpener. We are always in need of supplies, hosting a C4C Supply Drive is the perfect way to gather friends, family and community together and compassionately take action. We will provide you with a digital toolkit to help promote your event and remember to send us your pics of your C4C Drive!

Who this Is For

Anyone and Everyone

Time Commitment

Entirely up to you


C4C On The Shelves

If you would like to have C4C Books in your retail storefront to help spread compassion to your community please contact us directly for pricing details and further information.

Who is this for

Retail Stores/Book Stores/Coffee Shops/Gift Shops



C4C values each and every person who wants to compassionately create change and be of service. If you are looking for ways to make an impact and assist us in driving our mission forward we have a volunteer page to keep you informed of opportunities in your area. Since we work closely with other organizations as well, we have also listed volunteer opportunities to be of service with them.

who Is this For

Anyone and Everyone who wants to take action

Time Commitment

Entirely Up to You